Monthly Archives: November 2010

Inaugural Post

Well, here we are.  I’ve started this blog for several reasons:  to give me a place to sound out my ideas about the future of my nation, my culture, and my species; to discuss interesting fiction and trivia; and to see if I can improve my own theories of the future of military conflict.  My personal grounding is in the hard sciences (I have a BS in physics), but I have an insatiable fascination with history, geopolitics, sociology, and especially the military arts and sciences.

As a result, I’ll probably spend about as much time talking about Napoleonic infantry tactics as fast-breeder reactors. Other miscellany will probably show up from time to time; I am a voracious consumer of science fiction and fantasy, so topics relating those to the general tissue of this blog will likely appear.  I also enjoy wargaming of both the tabletop and digital varieties, though I am acutely aware of its shortcomings as an aid to understanding actual warfare.

Finally, I hope to make this a place for discussing such topics by people with a variety of viewpoints.  Successful tactics can be viewed as the science of finding the single most efficient solution to a simple and immediate problem, while successful strategy is the art of creating a wide variety of overlapping, mutually supporting (though not mutually dependent) approaches to a much higher-level goal.  If that is so, then I hope for this blog to be very strategic in nature.