Inaugural Post

Well, here we are.  I’ve started this blog for several reasons:  to give me a place to sound out my ideas about the future of my nation, my culture, and my species; to discuss interesting fiction and trivia; and to see if I can improve my own theories of the future of military conflict.  My personal grounding is in the hard sciences (I have a BS in physics), but I have an insatiable fascination with history, geopolitics, sociology, and especially the military arts and sciences.

As a result, I’ll probably spend about as much time talking about Napoleonic infantry tactics as fast-breeder reactors. Other miscellany will probably show up from time to time; I am a voracious consumer of science fiction and fantasy, so topics relating those to the general tissue of this blog will likely appear.  I also enjoy wargaming of both the tabletop and digital varieties, though I am acutely aware of its shortcomings as an aid to understanding actual warfare.

Finally, I hope to make this a place for discussing such topics by people with a variety of viewpoints.  Successful tactics can be viewed as the science of finding the single most efficient solution to a simple and immediate problem, while successful strategy is the art of creating a wide variety of overlapping, mutually supporting (though not mutually dependent) approaches to a much higher-level goal.  If that is so, then I hope for this blog to be very strategic in nature.


4 responses to “Inaugural Post

  1. Good to see this. Hope to see it develop, and to have your many thoughts recorded on ‘paper’.

  2. Like Colin said, glad to see your thoughts on ‘paper,’ finally!

    Also, excited that I get to be a part of them again.

    Hugs, friend!

  3. geopolicraticus

    Welcome to the fold of those who must have their say! New voices mean new ideas, and new ideas mean discussion, revision, and — eventually — intellectual progress. I’ll be looking forward to your contributions.

    Best wishes,


  4. I expect to see something detailing the supremacy of Orks sooner or later.

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