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After the End – Prologue

Farewell, mother Roma.
The shining columns,
The endless roads,
The mighty legions,
The peaceful fields.
Born in fire,
The light in darkness.
Farewell, mother Roma.
Never again will your sons return.

–A poem, inscribed in stone in the ruins of Appia

Good riddance, gluttonous whore! Victory Germania!

–An addendum to the poem, scratched in far cruder letters

Prologue to Princeps’ Fury by Jim Butcher

As Frank Herbert pointed out, all human organizations carry within them the seeds of their own destruction. Mother Roma, a spectral figure beneath fluttering legionary banners, crooks her bony finger at us: “as I am now, soon you shall be,” she croaks. There is little evidence to contradict her, though we can certainly argue over just what she means by “soon.”

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