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Memorial Day

Our story begins with a citizens militia standing their ground at Lexington and Concord in 1775.

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In Fact, You Will Not Be Saved

Nightmare With Angels

by Steven Vincent Benet (1935)

An angel came to me and stood by my bedside,
Remarking in a professional-historical-economic and irritated voice,
“If the Romans had only invented a decent explosion-engine!
Not even the best, not even a Ford V-8
But, say, a Model-T or even an early Napier,
They’d have built good enough roads for it (they knew how to build roads)
From Cape Wrath to Cape St. Vincent, Susa, Babylon and Moscow.
And the motorized legions never would have fallen,
And Peace, in the shape of a giant eagle, would brood over the entire Western World!”

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Victory Day

Happy victory day!

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